Homeschooling FAQs

Q: What will my child learn?
A: Every homeschool program here at I Made It! is individually tailored to your student's interest and abilities. Art history and techniques such as Pointillism, Cubism and Pop-art are often covered as well as the more scientific and mathematical aspects of working with glass. 

Q: Is working with glass safe?
A: All lessons begin with an introduction to the safe handling and manipulation of fusible glass. Unlike blown or stained glass, fused glass has no toxic fumes or glues and is heated safely well after the students are gone. Gloves, glasses and supervision are always provided as well as a safe non-toxic Elmer's gel glue. 

Q: How long are the lessons and how often do they meet?
A: Typically, our homeschool lessons last about an hour and fifteen minutes and meet once a week for 6 or 8 weeks depending on the program, but we are happy to work with you for your convenience.

Q: What projects will my child create?
A: While every homeschool course is different, your child will create an array of beautiful fused glass art pieces that they will treasure for years to come. Many lessons include building their own sun catchers, decorative silver box, soap dish, nightlight, book ends, magnets and so much more. 

Homeschooling Lessons Registration Form

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Is there a specific area of art that you child is interested in? Do you have multiple children or homeschool friends who would like to join the lessons?

Creative activities provide many of the building blocks of child development enhancing motor skills and visual-spatial skills as well as improving academic performance in other areas. At I Made It! we strongly believe that learning through artistic expression is a rare gift that we can give our children.